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Curbside Jones profile

Curbside Jones” Manning Jr is a 24 year old songwriter/producer who resides in Austin, Tx.

He has been making music since 2005, but didn’t take it seriously until 2007 when he received a Roland SP 606 sample workstation for Christmas.

Since then he has experimented with sample and non sample production and improved his satirical, yet compelling lyrics for a wide range audience…


Tokyo College Dropout (2013)

Tokyo College Dropout cover

01. A Hero’s Journey (The Golden Boy)
02. Prog[RAM]Her (Floppy Di[s]k)
03. The Ungodly Tutor (1 on 1)
04. Noriko’s Heartache (Rose Thorns)
05. Head First (Dive In)
06. Crotch Rocket (No Brakes)
07. Let’s Make A Movie (AniMATE Me)

The Cherry Blossom Effect (2014)

Cherry Blossom Effect cover

01. The Theory
02. Pink
03. Blind Swordsman
04. Neon Lights Ft. Blck Ghost
05. Pairadice
06. Hot Chicks x Arcade Sticks
07. Hot Chicks x Arcade Sticks (Round 2)
08. ZombieKing3000!
09. Reflection Champloo
10. Tokyo III
11. White
12. Pink (Act II) Ft. KoolQuise
13. Trance(End)

WakeUpSuper! (2014)

WakeUpSuper cover

01. Kuroneko Jones
02. (dot)MPEG
03. Red Mage
04. Mother’s Only Child
05. Kuroneko Jones (Acapella)
06. (dot)MPEG (Acapella)
07. Red Mage (Acapella)
08. Mother’s Only Child (Acapella)

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hotsauce profile

HotSauce(theMC) is a relatively unknown artist, with a really small fanbase, which is surprising, because he has some pretty sweet tracks in his album “Stand Up Music“, which came out last year, and some great singles, like “Janet Love” and “Notes to Self“.

I guess he or his label just did not promote this material well enough to be recognised. Well I think we should change that! Please share his music if you like it! Thanks!


Stand Up Music (2013)

Stand Up Music cover

01. Stand Up Intro
02. Move On
03. Chills (pt. 3)
04. No Name
05. Lion’s Den (feat. Kevlar Spits, Walter Lee and CQ)
06. Caine and Abel (feat. DJ Pocket and Count Bass D)
07. Fiends
08. BackSpin
09. Family Knot
10. Get Lost (feat. BA and Reeyo)
11. Warning Signs

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Pat Messy profile

Pat Messy is an emcee/producer, based out of Oakland CA, who just released an album called The Elevation LP. It’s got an underground sound with fine beats topped with great lyrics. The entire album was made by himself and is free for y’all to listen and download…


The Elevation LP (2014)

Elevation LP cover

01. Introvation
02. Feedback
03. Skeleton Key (word burgers)
04. Skin-Tone Spectacle
05. The Hangover
06. Large Coffee (skit)
07. Better Today
08. Reality Check
09. Kno About It
10. The Odds
11. Hey Momma (still here)
12. Rise Up (Walls)
13. Straight Up
14. Giving it Back

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Spok Beats profile

Spok Beats is a Music Producer/Engineer born in the San Gabriel Valley, CA.

In 2004 Spok produced his first album titled “Insomniacs”, which evidently would end up being the beginning of a musical path with no boundaries. In a time span of over nine years Spok has produced over ten albums, with many songs ranging from reggae & hip-hop, to spanish rock & funk.

Working in the studio with other artists is what continues to keep Spok inspired to create songs, but after being influenced by instrumental albums from producers such as Pete Rock, Dibiase, Exile, Apollo Brown & Brock Berrigan, Spok was inspired to dive head first into his debut instrumental album “Lions9″.


Lions 9 (2014)

Lions 9 cover

01. Personal Matters
02. After Death
03. Galactic Showdown
04. Warped Speed
05. Lions 9
06. Vulcans Dance
07. Get Paypuh
08. Chamber Music
09. Vapors
10. Cruise Control
11. Green Finguhz
12. Redeem Yourself
13. Bizzness Peeple
14. SPSX
15. Rap Sheet
16. Assasins Travel

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Manny Phesto profile

Southside Looking In is Manny Phesto‘s debut full-length project. Produced entirely by Mike the Martyr, the project features his signature soul sample driven production – a few of Martyr’s production credits include AG, Sadat X, and Slug of Atmosphere. Guest features include Akrite, Metasota, Greg Grease, Axel Foley and Mike the Martyr. DJ Just Nine provides scratches on three of the fifteen tracks.

…more at mannyphesto.com

Southside Looking In (2014)

Southside Looking In cover

01. Reality Check
02. Cedar Ave
03. The Account ft. Mike the Martyr
04. Rooftops Interlude
05. Eternity in the Cities
06. Standards ft. Metasota
07. HI LAKE ft. Axel Foley
08. Goodnight Moon Interlude
09. Full Scope ft. Akrite
10. To the Sea
11. Rabbit Hole ft. Greg Grease
12. Fork in the Road
13. Rigamarole
14. Before the Storm
15. Outro

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