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The young Scandinavian producer, Kriswontwo, is a breath of fresh air to music today. The signature production style of him, is the amount of freedom and rawness he demands his music to contain. In every production he is trying to do something else and new. His latest collaboration with Dudley Perkins’ wife Georgia Anne Muldrow prooves that statement…

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Georgia Anne Muldrow – Ms. One (2014)

Georgia Anne Muldrow Kriswontwo Ms One cover

01. Personal
02. Crossroads
03. Dollar
04. Dimension
05. These Worlds
06. Personal (Instrumental)
07. Crossroads (Instrumental)
08. Dollar (Instrumental)
09. Dimension (Instrumental)
10. These Worlds (Instrumental)

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Dyslexia and Sik Sense profile

“We met on soundcloud. We know nothing about each other. We make some ill tracks by email. From Norfolk V.A to Leicester UK. Nuff said.” – Dyslexia and Sik Sense

Habits introduces a dark soundscape inspired by, and drawing from themes generally avoided in Hip-Hop; addiction, anxiety, disdain and malice are coupled with equal parts braggadocio, self-doubt and a love stain size smattering of self deporacating humour which leads you on a dizzying spiral into the minds of Dyslexia and Sik Sense.

With features from Fugitive 9 kingpins; Cosmo TX, Cuda Brown, Moe Hendrix, Sintax 0 and Whyze Oner you are welcomed into the re-emerging pattern of habits with an awkward handshake and a tipped stetson.


Habits (2014)

Dyslexia and Sik Sense - Habits

01. Habits (Intro)
02. Method Owned (Ft. Cuda Brown)
03. Escapism
04. Casket Closed/After Birth
05. Chemical Compounds
06. Serpent King
07. Forest, Me (Follow Rabbit)
08. Baron Strange Fruit
09. Vultures
10. One by One
11. Puppet Master
12. Waveform (Ft. Whyze One)
13. Reefaman (Ft. Cosmo TX)
14. Tetramorph (Ft. Fugitive 9)
15. Precious Little Hope
16. Signing Off (Ft. Sintax 0)
17. Time Flies

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a1 profile

A1 is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York, who has not made an EP or album yet, but I liked the conscious stuff he sent me.

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Aarich Mychal profile

Aaric Mychal is a Hip Hop producer based out of Dallas, TX.

His instrumental LP, Free Art Sale, is a project featuring 15 beats. Some of these tracks have a raw sound, others have a kind of melancholy feel.


Free Art Sale (2014)

Free Art Sale cover

01. Fight Music
02. 2:30am
03. Watching You
04. STBB 344
05. STBB 343
06. The End
07. I Don’t Care
08. So Satisfied
09. The Fame [The Game]
10. Redding
11. Dream State
12. Electronic Night
13. Have Faith
14. My Time
15. My City

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glad2mecha illtreats profile

Mellow jazzy vibes brought to you by Phoenix native Glad2Mecha on the M.I.C. and Brighton’s talented beatsmith Ill Treats with their collab full-length ‘Hello‘.

This 20 track LP, with guests like Cadence of Raw Produce, Moka Only, Rasco and Sinuous, has a jazzy sound, which will remind you of Guru‘s Jazzmatazz, or Sound Providers’ albums…


Hello (2012)

Hello cover

01. Knock Knock – Intro
02. Too Much
03. Gritty Digs ft. Cadence
04. Never Give Up
05. Jazz
06. Growing Up – Promo Record Skit
07. Take Notes
08. Pages – Freestyle For English Peeps Skit
09. Go Time ft. Moka Only – Fresh Skit
10. Last Letter ft. Rasco
11. Solo Mission- Mr. Nice Skit
12. Hip Hop
13. Social Mix Up
14. Dreams – Interlude
15. Mans Life ft Makie
16. Walking On By
17. Moving Above – ft Es and OMC (cuts)
18. Shadows ft. Sinuous
19. Love
20. Goodbye ft. Rachel Jones

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