Breeze is a hip-hop artist, from California. First heard on “Just Clowning”, from King Tee’s seminal 1988 album Act A Fool, Breeze is one of a relatively small handful of rappers who represented the antithesis of the audio gangsterism born out of 1980s Cali rap, whilst still maintaining cutting-edge production (courtesy of L.A. Posse) and hard lyrics, albeit with only minimal profanity…

The Young Son of No One (1989)

young son of no one

01. T.Y.S.O.N.
02. Pull A Fast One
03. Steadily Tryin’ To Flow Like…
04. Goin Through A Phase
05. Loungin’
06. L.A. Posse
07. Girls On My Mind
08. Scene Of The Homicide
09. Great Big Freak
10. Watch The Hook