The Diplomats & WalyO

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WalyO has recently released his Diplomats mixtape “Dipset, We Still Bangin” which has a mixture of rare and newly formatted chopped verses of your favorite Dipset rappers over a soundscape of sampled beats sure enough to fullfill your ears.

Take a listen “The Diplomats & WalyO”


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Once you drop the needle on this record and hear the first dusty vibrations of this work of art produced by Flu and Eto drops his smooth yet grimy vocals on the break, you’ll figure a deadlier combination than this is hard to come by…

Take a listen “ETO X FLU”


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D-Strong started rhyming in the late eighties during the early days of the Golden Era. At first, it was just for the thrill of the battle over high school lunch table drums, then it became more, writing songs coming up with hooks and actually recording in the studio.

Take a listen “D-Strong”


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ICBM is a french producer, beatmaker and musician who always make his style evolves from a project to another. He already worked with Trainspotters (Sweden), Illus (USA), Owbese (USA) etc. and had tracks featuring well known artists like Craig G, Freddie Foxxx, Homeboy Sandman, Apathy, Dj Johnny Juice, Simplex, Ranto Bokgo, Reef The Lost Cauze and Blueprint.

Take a listen “ICBM”

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