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Circle of Power

Circle of Power is a rap group from the west coast, consisting of Mone and Wiz. I dont know much about them cause they are totally underground. Their first & only LP was released in 1993 on Rumble Records.

The lyrics have different topics, for example in the track “Daddy” they rappin’ about a kid, who’s been left by his father and it has a smooth jazzy beat underlyin it. Dont sleep on this one, cause you wont find it in the stores!

Circle of Power (1993)

Circle of Power

01. Prisms of Ismz
02. Hoodlumz
03. Smoked Ham
04. Run 4 Ya Life
05. Take a Look Around
06. Daddy
07. Freaky Mama
08. Low Life
09. Ghetto: State of Mind
10. B.F. Sound Check [Freestyle ’93]
11. Blak Beanz
12. 1 for da Trouble
13. Unseen Offspring
14. Psycho 2
15. Live From Da Treehouse
16. 2 For Da Trouble