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CRU is a hip hop trio from the South Bronx, New York, consisting of Yogi, Chaddio & The Mighty Ha. The group was originally known as the Rhythm Blunt Cru but later shortened their name to just CRU.

Their first and only released album, Da Dirty 30, came out in 1997. The beats are butter and the lyrics fit in the golden era’s atmosphere perfectly. The only drawback of this record is that it has lot of fillers, otherwise it is a decent record…

Da Dirty 30 (1997)

da dirty 30

01. DJ Footlong (Intro)
02. Bluntz & Bakakeemis
03. That SH**
04. Just Another Case feat. Slick Rick
05. Hoe 2 Society
06. Nuthin’ But
07. Straight from L.I.P.
08. Goin’ Down
09. Shoot Out
10. Ten to Run
11. Wreckgonize
12. Bulletproof Vest
13. Ebonic Plague
14. Up North
15. R.I.P.
16. Live at the Tunnel feat. The LOX
17. Pronto
18. You Used To
19. Fresh, Wild and Bold
20. O.J.
21. Lisa Lipps
22. Bubblin’
23. Goines Tale
24. Illz
25. Footlong
26. My Everlovin’
27. Pay Attention
28. Loungin’ Wit My Cru
29. Dirty 29
30. Armaggedon