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The Hoodratz was an underground hip hop duo from New York City composed of Doh-Doh and Dingbat.

The group released its first and only album in 1993, titled Sneeke Muthafukaz on Epic Records. The album peaked at #79 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #27 on the Top Heatseekers…

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Sneeke Muthafukaz (1993)

sneeke muthafukaz

01. Bootlegga
02. Ms. Crabtree
03. Rolllin’ Wit da Rat Pak
04. Street Smart Dummie
05. Murdered over Nuttin’
06. Free Cheeze
07. Dag Nab It
08. Sneeke Muthfukaz
09. Had a Bad Day
10. Na Na, Na Na, Na
11. Grimee
12. Dis Budz Fa U
13. Git off Ma Dic