K-Def is a New Jersey based hip hop producer/DJ who has been actively involved in the underground hip hop scene since the early 90s.

He has recently produced music for artists such as Ghostface Killah and Puff Daddy. K-Def earned critical praise early in his career for his work with Marley Marl on the classic album “Here Come the Lords” by the rap group, Lords of the Underground. He was also member of the duo Real Live, who released one album “The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama” on Big Beat Records in 1996…

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Beats from the 90’s Vol. 1 (2008)

Beats From The 90s Vol 1

01. Been There
02. Ain’t No Crime
03. Monty
04. Dramaz
05. For Da Family
06. Crusading
07. Inner City Blues
08. Jam On It
09. Mont Man
10. Ron Beat
11. Spinner
12. Getting Hot
13. Take Your Time
14. Turtle Man
15. Been There Part 2
16. Urbiank

Beats from the 90’s Vol. 2 (2009)

Beats From The 90s Vol 2

01. The Magnum
02. Watch Out
03. Preying Mantis
04. Heaven Or Hell
05. Survive The Blast
06. Hey Funkbox
07. Bring The Gat
08. Having A Bad Day
09. Redcoats Are Coming
10. Mystery Man
11. Orig Blind 1995
12. He is Waiting
13. Guitar Licking

Night Shift (2011)

Night Shift

01. Escapizm Ft. Rob-O
02. Driving
03. Supa heath
04. From da brain
05. Night owls Ft. Raw Poetic
06. Indian juice
07. Sparkle
08. Slow two step
09. For Def sakes
10. Birds flying hig
11. Time change
12. High stakes
13. Bonus track