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K-Solo (born Kevin Madison) is an underground rapper from New York who, along with EPMD, Redman, Das EFX, and Keith Murray, was part of the Hit Squad in 1990s.

He is known for a rapping style that involves spelling out words.

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Tell the World My Name (1990)

tell the world my name

01. Spellbound
02. Rockin’ for My Hometown
03. Everybody Knows Me
04. Speed Blocks
05. Fugitive
06. Tales from the Crack Side
07. Your Mom’s in My Business
08. Real Solo Please Stand Up
09. Renee-Renee
10. Solo Rocks the House
11. The Messenger
12. Drums of Death

Time’s Up (1992)

times up

01. I Can’t Hold It Back
02. Letterman
03. Long Live The Fugitive
04. Premonition Of A Black Prisoner
05. Sneak Tip
06. The Baby Doesn’t Look Like Me
07. The Formula (House Party)
08. Who’s Killin’ Who?
09. Household Maid
10. Rock Bottom
11. King Of The Mountain