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King Sun

Allot of People try to act as if they live a life of Hip Hop, if you want to see how Hip Hop should be lived go visit King Sun in Bronx NY, better yet Gunhillroad!

He never left the hood, even after selling gold with his second album Righteous But Ruthless. Like a prophet he stayed amongst his people bringing some of the most ferocious lyrics and songs to come out the Bronx. King Sun has never declined upon a freestyle challenge ever! Always got his golden tongue ready to spit at any one coming at him…

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XL (1989)


01. On the Club Tip
02. Lethal Weapon
03. All In
04. Coming Soon
05. Fat Tape
06. It’s a Heat Up
07. Snakes
08. Hey Love
09. Do I Love You
10. Time to Go

Righteous but Ruthless (1990)

righteous but ruthless

01. Be Black
02. The Gods Are Taking Heads – Poor Righteous Teachers
03. Big Shots
04. Stunts
05. Undercover Lover
06. King Sun With The Sword
07. Pure Energy
08. Soft Shoe Booty
09. Universal Flag
10. Cold New Yorkin’

Strictly Ghetto (1994)

strictly ghetto

01. Humm Deez Nuts
02. Street Corner
03. BNS Sex
04. Once upon a Time
05. Suck No Dick
06. Robbin’ of da Hood
07. Get Down With da Get Down