KMD (Kausing Much Damage, or A positive Kause in a Much Damaged society) was an underground hip hop trio active in the early 1990s.

The group is best known for launching the career of rapper and producer Zev Love X, who later became MF DOOM. Zev Love X and his younger brother DJ Subroc formed the core of KMD. The group’s original third member, Rodan, left before the group signed to Electra Records; he was replaced with Onyx the Birthstone Kid…

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Mr. Hood (1991)

mr hood

01. Medley
02. Who Me? (With an Answer From Dr. Bert)
03. Boogie Man!
04. Mr. Hood Meets Onyx
05. Subroc’s Mission
06. Humrush
07. Figure of Speech
08. Bananapeel Blues
09. Nitty Gritty
10. Trial ‘N Error
11. Hard Wit No Hoe
12. Mr. Hood Gets a Haircut
13. 808 Man
14. Boy Who Cried Wolf
15. Peachfuzz
16. Preacher Porkchop
17. Soulflexin’
18. Gasface Refill

Black Bastards (2001)

black bastards

01. Garbage Day #3
02. Get-U-Now
03. What A N!gga Know?
04. Sweet Premium Wine
05. Plumskinnz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)
06. Smokin’ That S*@%!
07. Contact Blitt
08. Gimme!
09. Black Bastards
10. It Sounded Like A Roc!
11. Plumskinnz (Oh No I Don t Believe It!)
12. Constipated Monkey
13. F*@# Wit’ Ya Head!!
14. Suspended Animation