Prince Ali
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Prince Ali, an MC born and raised in Toronto, Canada, has released a free EP I Miss 1994 featuring names such as Kev Brown and Craig G, with Incise handling most of the production. This EP has a Jazzy feel to it, basicly if you like ATCQ, then you will like this guy, don’t sleep on this album, it’s really dope.

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Breeze is a hip-hop artist, from California. First heard on “Just Clowning”, from King Tee’s seminal 1988 album Act A Fool, Breeze is one of a relatively small handful of rappers who represented the antithesis of the audio gangsterism born out of 1980s Cali rap, whilst still maintaining cutting-edge production (courtesy of L.A. Posse) and hard lyrics, albeit with only minimal profanity…

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