Rodney O & Joe Cooley
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Rodney O & Joe Cooley are west coast rap pioneers from Riverside, California, best know for tracks such as “Everlasting Bass” and “This is for the Homies”. “Everlasting Bass” also proved an influence for Miami Bass; Latin rappers Jonny Z and SPM did their own version of it, called “Puro Latin Bass”.

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Prose and Concepts
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Well I dont know much about Prose and Concepts, but I do know that the members are: MC Dope, SharkE, Mic Dub, Beatnik, DJ Ace & Rawi. And if im right, they are from Seattle. Their style is very unique and Im sure a lot of you never even heard about them, well its time to check them out! (if someone know more info about them, leave a comment, thanks)

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Nefertiti was a product of the Los Angeles rap scene of the early ’90s, but L.I.F.E.: Living in Fear of Extinction didn’t fit any of the convenient stereotypes of L.A. rappers who emerged during that period. Nefertiti was far from a gangsta rapper, and she stayed away from commercial pop-rap. Sounding like a cross between Queen Latifah and MC Lyte

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L.A. duo Jekill and Jive. Jekill has released later work on Beni B’s ABB label as 13.

Hip Hop artist named Kevin Hicks also goes by 13 that had Joey Chavez hook him up with some nice beats was born in Detroit then moving to Hollywood, Los Angeles vicinity at age 5 to then eventually further his passion in music. Kev who goes by a sling of aliases, K-Hix, K-Hicks, Hollywood Kev, Jekill which is the name he went under in the mid-90s as one half of hip-hop act group Mannish which started it all and dropped their first disc ‘Audio Sedative‘…

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Haiku D’Etat
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Haiku D’Etat is a hip hop supergroup trio consisting of Aceyalone & Myka 9 of the Freestyle Fellowship, and Abstract Rude, the leader of Abstract Tribe Unique. Abstract Rude previously worked with Aceyalone as the A-Team. All three artists are heavily affiliated with the Project Blowed, group members Aceyalone and Abstract Rude being co-founders.

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