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Pacewon is an American rapper and producer. He rose to fame in the late 90s as one of the prominent and founding members of the rap group Outsidaz along with fellow rappers Young Zee, D.U., Slang Ton, Az-Izz, Loon, Axe, Yah Yah, Rah Digga and others. The group would later make Detroit rappers Eminem and Bizarre of D12 honorary members of the group after they collaborated with members of the group…

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Mystidious Misfitss
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Mystidious Misfitss is a hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York. The members, Rubber Band, Peek A Boo and Mush Mouth (Marquest), are great dancers as well and known for their collaboratin with artists such as EPMD, Little Shawn, Salt n Pepa, and Mariah Carey. As well as Mop Tops, they influenced many dancers in Japan…

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Originally from Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Miilkbone first came on the scene in 1995, releasing his debut album “Da’ Miilkrate”. Although the album included many good tracks, including the hit singles “Where’z Da’ Party At?” and “Keep It Real” it’s success was limited…

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Mesanjarz Of Funk
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Mesanjarz of Funk are a Latin hip hop group from New York City, composed of members D-Vell (of Cuban descent), Pearl Pizazz (of Puerto Rican and West Indian descent)and DJ Royal Tech (of Colombian descent). Their album came out in 1993 and featured bilingual rhymes and state of the art underground hip hop music…

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