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Punk Barbarians

The Black Barbarians, formally known as The Punk Barbarians the Smash hit group from Freeport, Long Island, started their tenure with the legendary group Public Enemy in 1993.

They collaborated with Terminator X, Ice Cube, MC Lyte, Chuck D, DJ Kool Herc and more…

Sex, Props, Cream… And The Drama In Between (1996)

Sex Props Scream

01. You Dont Know?
02. Blast Off
03. Sweets
04. L.I. Zone
05. Prelude To Drama
06. The Drama In Between
07. Hooptie Car
08. The Struggle
09. Magic
10. Eclipsin’ Niggas
11. Sex Off The Hook
12. Platinum
13. Bubblin’
14. Rest In Peace