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Rob-O was a member of the hip-hop group called I.N.I.

He released many singles through an imprint called St. Nick Entertainment and in 2006 he came out with a debut album called “Rhyme Pro”, a mix of the older 12″ singles with a few new songs sprinkled throughout…

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Rhyme Pro (2006)

Rhyme Pro

01. The Magnificent (Prod. Unsung Heroes)
02. Stay Away feat. De La Soul (Prod. Pete Rock)
03. Don’t You Love It? (Prod. Spunk Bigga)
04. Rhyme Tighter (Prod. Spunk Bigga)
05. The Life I Live Part 2 (Prod. Dream Team)
06. Mention Me feat. Meccalicious (Prod. Pete Rock)
07. So Manny Rappers F/Pete Rock (Prod. Pete Rock)
08. Murderville (Prod. Caption)
09. Superspectacular (Prod. Pete Rock)
10. Wunderlust (Prod. Grap Luva)
11. World Premier (Prod. Spunk Bigga)
12. Who Is He? (Prod. Rob-O)
13. Magnificent Remix (Prod. Cookin Soul)
14. Stretch & Bobbito INI Freestyle