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Trends of Culture

Aside from one well-received single in 1995, Trends Of Culture more or less disappeared after releasing a first-rate piece of music in the form of their 1993 album, Trendz.

The LP makes an inferior, but worthy, companion piece to contemporaneous releases like Enter The Wu-Tang and Black Moon‘s Enta Da Stage. Trendz is a dark yet lively record that playfully glorifies a mildly sociopathic lifestyle…

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Trendz… (1993)


01. [email protected]#% What Ya Heard
02. Let Tha Big Boyz Play
03. Old Habits
04. Who Got My Back?
05. Hassle on the Iron Horse
06. Off & On
07. Crotch Ripper/Mad Speaker
08. Mad Flavor Mad Style
09. Valley of the Skinz
10. Top Ten Interlude
11. Valley of the Skinz