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Ultramagnetic MC’s

The Ultramagnetic MC’s is an American hip hop group made up of Kool Keith, Ced Gee, TR Love, and Moe Love.

Tim Dog became an unofficial member in 1989. A former member, Rooney Roon, was fired following an assault arrest. Beat-boxing legend Rahzel was also involved with the group early in its career.

The group’s work was associated with unorthodox sampling, polysyllabic rhymes, and bizarre lyrical imagery…

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Critical Beatdown (1988)

Critical Beatdown

01. Watch Me Now
02. Ease Back
03. Ego Trippin’
04. Moe Luv’s Theme
05. Kool Keith Housing Things
06. Travelling At The Speed Of Thought
07. Feelin’ It
08. One Minute Less
09. Ain’t It Good To You
10. Funky
11. Give The Drummer Some
12. Break North
13. Critical Beatdown
14. When I Burn
15. Ced-Gee

Funk Your Head Up (1992)

Funk Your Head Up

01. Introduction To The Funk
02. Intro
03. MC Champion
04. Go 4 Yourz
05. Blast From The Past
06. Funk Radio
07. Message From The Boss
08. Pluckin Cards
09. Intermission
10. Stop Jockin Me
11. Dolly And The Rat Trap
12. The Old School
13. Bust The Facts
14. Murder And Homicide
15. You Ain’t Real
16. Make It Happen
17. I Like Your Style
18. Bi-Lingual Teaching
19. Poppa Large
20. Moe Love On the 1 and 2
21. Porno Star
22. The P.M.R.C. ID
23. Chorus Line Pt. 2

The Four Horsemen (1993)

Four Horsemen

01. We Are The Horsemen
02. Checkin My Style
03. Two Brothers With Checks (San Francisco Harvey)
04. Raise It Up
05. Saga of Dandy, The Devil & Day
06. Delta Force 2
07. Adventures of Herman’s Lust
08. See The Man On The Street
09. Bring It Down To Earth
10. Don’t Be Scared
11. One, Two, One, Two
12. Time To Catch A Body
13. Yo Black
14. Big Booty